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Holiday COVID-19 Notice

As we enter into this holiday season in the midst of a COVID surge throughout our country, we wanted send out a letter discussing how we are approaching the holidays in our Community. While we know all of you would like to spend the holidays visiting with your family and loved ones, I am sure you have heard many medical professionals and some government officials asking everyone to celebrate in a different way this year. We understand the desire to be with your loved ones during the holiday, but unfortunately, this year we are faced with unique circumstances posed by COVID…

COVID-19 Update Letter

We thank you for your continued support of our staff as they work to keep residents safe during this surge of positive cases in Wisconsin. We still have no residents that are showing signs or symptoms or have tested positive for COVID-19. We have had another staff member test positive today. As with the other staff member, we have determined that when the individual was in the building, all appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) was used and good social distance was practiced when not providing care. The individual is isolating at home until it is safe for them to return to work following guidance provided by the local health department and the CDC. 

COVID-19 Update Letter

As I am sure many of you are aware, Wisconsin is experiencing an increase in the reported COVID cases. Given this surge, we are re-implementing certain restrictions to prevent or mitigate the spread of the virus into our facility given that our residents have a higher vulnerability to COVID-19.

Follow-Up Family Letter

We wanted to take the time to thank you for your continued support and patience during this time. Ensuring residents are cared for in a safe and healthy environment continues to be our greatest concern. At this time, the doors remain locked and until further notice visitation is limited.  External healthcare providers performing essential care and end-of-life visitation for any residents on Hospice Care and therapy services have increased in the building. We have also recently started back with communal dining and a few communal activities while ensuring social distancing practices to increase the socialization for our residents.

COVID-19 Follow-Up Letter

We currently do not have any resident or employee cases at Harbor View, and we continue to follow recommendations from The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and local health department guidelines for infection control within our building.